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Wood Carving Designs for Main door 2021

Wooden Pillars are the structural support for any building. They are commonly used for load-bearing or stabilizing functions as well as add aesthetic value. Pillars, commonly called columns are made of different materials and wood is the most popular material used.

Wood Railing Staircase Designs:

It is interesting to hear but it is the truth. Wood carving on main doors requires a great deal of skill, creativity, and artistry that greatly influences the mental and spiritual state of the people.

When opening or closing a door, one tends to see the designs and it impacts one’s mood. It is also evident that a good carving can make a person happy and help get rid of stress.

Different kinds of wood carving can generate a different and great number of positive emotions which works like a healing process. Its aesthetic look lights up the space and acts as a focal point in your home. It adds value to your home and life. It is creative and rich as an art.

Why Should we use Wooden Carving?

Wooden carving makes a door look stunning. A well-built and well-carved door appears inviting. In our ancient temples and palaces where wooden doors are used, various patterns of extreme richness and minute elaboration can be found. The doors, columns, galleries, and the house-front can also be covered with intricate architectural wooden details.

Types of Wood Carving Designs for main Door 2021:

Foliage, fruits, and flowers are constantly adapted for fret-cut decoration for doors and windows in common. There are wide variety of wooden carving design some are traditional & some are modern, come check with me some popular main door carving design.

Intricate Front Door Carvings:

Wood carving designs for main doors which is made of intricate teakwood makes an appealing entrance to your home. It makes your place more of an art than a normal one. Delicate pillars, birds, and idol structures can be carved out to look stunning and gives feeling of ancient times.

Brown Wooden Floral Carved Door:

The door looks like an antique piece and the intricate floral pattern with the white background gives the door a majestic look. Such front doors seem inviting and shows a dignity of royals.

Mandala Wood Carving:

Mandala design carving at the centre of doors can be made into a beautiful door handle. The interwoven patterns create a delicate structure. Even one design of an artistically carved mandala, gives a posh door entrance.

Carving with Glasswork:

Glass and wood can be combined artistically, and the glass can also be carved along with wood. It creates a magical door entrance. Glass always best compliments wood for any type of design and structure.

Minimalistic Wood Carving:

Minimalistic wooden carved front doors are always a pleasant one. These designs like curves and strips with simple carvings on the wood make the door appear elegant. It makes the space look uncluttered.

Contemporary Wood Carving:

Contemporary designs can be simply carved out. It gives a brand-new look with its non-extravagant design options. Contemporary designs for a relaxed vibe.

Maze Design:

Even now, you may find it difficult to make your choice. AndMaze patterns are always intriguing and create an illusion-like aura. This design can easily blend with space. Maze wood carving looks simple, yet intricate one. There are many more interesting options and wood carving designs that can be added to the list. Additional elements like metal markings and knockers on the various wood segments can be added to further enhance the design. Any queries, contact

Hanuman Wood Industries:

Hanuman Timbers have got a plethora of wood carving designs to choose from, that gives your home a cozy appeal. We have expert designers who can customize the wood carving designs based on your needs. Make your door designs the best with Hanuman Wood Industries, Bangalore.

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