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Everything you need to know about Wooden Pillars for Home

Wooden Pillars are the structural support for any building. They are commonly used for load-bearing or stabilizing functions as well as add aesthetic value. Pillars, commonly called columns are made of different materials and wood is the most popular material used.

Timber is a time-tested attraction. Even after the industrial revolution, the importance and its beauty remain undeniable. In the olden days, wooden columns have been used as a status symbol. With the growing technology, its cost has been made affordable, usage increased, and implementation has been widened. And they are the most go-to material for architecture.

This article is about to take you through its importance and as to why people prefer wood when it comes to designing a pillar!

Wooden Pillars are the statement pieces used in elevation. From five-star hotels to lavish bungalows, decorativeĀ wood pillarsĀ contribute much to the look of the building. Be it round wooden pillars or square-shaped ones, it gives a visual pop to the property with its intricate designs. Large pillars and exterior wood columns are seen as grand visual statements adding much to the external look.

Wood Railing Staircase Designs:

From solid wood columns to round and square wooden pillars are used in bothĀ home interiorsĀ and exteriors of a home. Exterior columns transform the entire look and entrance of your home. As timber is more flexible to cut, shape, and stain, it can be fitted to any style of home interior from traditional to modern.

Contemporary homes mostly opt for square-shaped wooden columns with modern finishes. Round and solid wood pillars are mostly considered the classic style. Even a minimalistic designed wooden column in the living room makes the place look rich and traditional.

Also, columns are not necessarily large and must connect the wall and ceiling. Small and decorative wood columns that are easy to move like furniture are also used. They augment the look of the whole place, where your imagination is the only limit in how you utilize it inside your home.

Types of wooden columns for home

Wooden columns can be designed and modeled in any size and shape. There is no definite shape, color, or style. Itā€™s up to oneā€™s imagination and needs that a pillar can be made into and utilized. Here are some basic styles and different ways, it is utilized in homes.

Square wood column interior

The large square columns can be designed and painted in any way that you want. As in the second image, it divides the hall into a recreational place and dining area without the need for a wall.

Round wood column interior

The rounded pillars can be simple or carved. Two painted columns as in the second image can be used as a statement piece, making the pooja room look stunning and serving an aesthetic purpose.

Exterior wood columns

Columns come in small sizes too. Carving intricate designs in those pillars gives your home a traditional look. It makes a unique entrance and lends personality to your foyer area.

Exterior wood columns

Small wooden pillars are used as decorative pieces in homes. A sculptor, candle, fishbowl, plants, or creepers can be styled with it. Placing pillars on either side of a sofa, at the entrance, or beside the Tv unit gives a striking appearance. As in the last image, light effects on the pillars elevate your living standard as in a 7 Star hotel.

Exterior wood columns

There are many more benefits added to it. It always complements your houseā€™s style and makes your place stand out.

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