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Everything about PVC, UPVC & WPC

With science, chemical and time, different materials of natural and man-made are combined to create another new material. And PVC plywood, UPVC , and WPC are the by-products of such processes.

  • PVC¬†means polymerization of vinyl chloride
  • UPVC¬†stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
  • WPC¬†stands for¬†Wood¬†Polymer Composite

All of these matches the most important architectural requirements of day-to-day needs. PVC Plywood, UPVC, and WPC are known for their versatility and flexibility to produce various shapes, and each serves different functions based on its properties.

In this blog, let us see the property, utility, cost, and different characteristics of these materials and products, that will give you an overall idea of which material to choose for a particular application.

Why choose Hanuman Wood Industries, Bangalore?

PVC in general is used as a replacement for copper and aluminum in pipes. It is soft, durable yet lightweight plastic and has the best electrical insulation properties. It contains chemicals like phthalates and BPA which plasticizes vinyl to give flexibility.

It is entirely not scratch and fire resistant but can withstand damages from knocks. As it has chemicals like Phthalates or BPA, they turn toxic when exposed to continuous heat and are hazardous to health and the environment. For this, high-quality PVC wall panels or UPVC can be used as an alternative.


  • Easy installation.
  • Can be trimmed and cut easily, carpenter friendly.
  • Withstand moist conditions.
  • No warping, fading, or rotting.
  • It‚Äôs a stylish material, that is smooth and shiny.
  • PVC door¬†can be repainted.
  • The sheets are thin, flexible yet strong and resistant.
  • The ceiling panels are sturdy and very durable that lasts for years without bending or warping.
  • Mostly used for¬†windows¬†and¬†door¬†profiles.


PVC laminates, in general, are used as a protective and decorative layer on top of wood and plywood types. They come in various colors, designs, sizes, and lengths and can be easily used. PVC windows help cut energy bills.

It is an excellent material for bathroom, doors as they are waterproof. They can also be combined with other materials like glass and metal and be used in homes. It requires less maintenance. It gives a perfect finish for furniture, cabinets, modular kitchen, and wardrobe. It is widely used and looks like painted wood.

What is UPVC?

It is a type of hard plastic material that is hollow in the centre. Unlike PVC, it doesn’t contain Phthalates or BPA, which is hazardous to health and the environment. In general, it is strong and highly durable which gives an unmatched quality when compared to other materials.

Mostly used for windows and door profiles


  • Available in numerous colours and gives woodgrain timber effect finishes.
  • Maintenance-free and no need painting.
  • Pollution, rust, moisture, and mould free.
  • Resistant to chemical, high impact, fire, and insect.
  • Consumption of less energy during production. .
  • It is non-biodegradable but recyclable up to 10 times because of its sturdiness and longevity.
  • Offers UV protection.


UPVC is considered one of the best commercial applicants. It is a high-performing material and is widely used for framing purposes. The windows show low conductivity. So, it minimizes the heat transfer in warmer climates and provides excellent thermal insulation in cooler conditions.

As it is resistant to salt water, it can be effectively used as bathroom doors and windows. UPVC windows with a Tilt and Turn design can be opened in two directions for optimum ventilation. It provides great sound and wind insulation.

Supreme quality UPVC windows cannot be matched with the other commonly used material. Its ergonomic design makes the UPVC windows better than wooden or aluminium windows.

What is WPC?


WPC is one of the popular choices of material for windows and door frames. It is a hybrid composite material made of plastic fiber and natural wood. It uses unused woodworking materials like sawdust, pulp, bamboo, peanut hulls, and recycled plastic. It lasts longer than normal wood.

It is regarded as a real lumber alternative and is less likely to break or split unlike using real wood


  • Non-corrosive and moisture resistant.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Has antibacterial properties.
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy maintenance.
  • 100% waterproof, anti-warping, termite-proof and very sturdy.
  • Painted and polished with any colour.
  • No need for repainting.
  • Endures harsh outdoor conditions


WPC sheets can be customized with any print and texture. It has the tendency to accept any colour and be easily moulded and bent into desired shape, curve, and size. It naturally looks like wood and has earth tones. It adds aesthetic sense.

Not only in indoor as windows and door frames but it is also used in outdoor deck floors, railings, staircase, park benches, door frames and indoor furniture and is an alternative for solid wood. Though the polymers and adhesives added in WPC make it difficult to recycle, they can be recycled still.

All the PVC, UPVC and WPC offers soundproof & dust proof. And Hanuman timbers provide doors, windows, panels, and materials for any needs of any type of design, style, and colours. No compromise in our ethos.

For more details, do contact Hanuman timbers, Bangalore.

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