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The ultimate guide to interior design wallpaper in 2021

Wooden Pillars are the structural support for any building. They are commonly used for load-bearing or stabilizing functions as well as add aesthetic value. Pillars, commonly called columns are made of different materials and wood is the most popular material used.

Let’s see how to choose the perfect wallpaper for your interior design. Then, we will list a selection of common types of wallpapers and their uses.

Why chose Wallpaper for Interior Designing?

Interior Design Wallpaper is also known as wallcovering because now, not all are made out of paper. It is a cost-efficient way to change your interior and an affordable alternative for tapestries. For instant upgrade, or renovating a small space, it is the best option.

Moreover, it can be done without having to move the furniture, tearing the wall, leaves no residue and dust. It is easy to apply and no need to wait for it to dry like paints. It makes you feel luxurious. All you have to do is to take an accurate measurement of the wall, verify the dimension and decide the quantity to purchase.

The quantity depends on the type of wallpaper you buy. Some have respective alternate patterns that must be taken care of, while some will have the same pattern that can be cut and joined anywhere.

Where to use Interior Design Wallpaper?

Interior Design Wallpaper can be used anywhere unless the place is more exposed to heat or moisture like bathroom, kitchen and outside the home. For moist areas, you can prefer moisture resistant wallcovering. You can install it for your entire home too if it fits your budget.

Indians, mostly use wallcovering on one strategic wall within a room and also it goes well with paints. It is to create accent walls or focal points in space. One unique wall can change the entire look and feel of the area.

If not, it can be used for particular areas like living room, office, bedroom, dressing room, cafes, restaurants, showrooms, boutique interiors, residential spaces, and ceilings. They are available in innumerable patterns, textures, and quality.

Popular Wallpaper for Interior Designs

There are thousands of kinds, but here are some most used wallcoverings in India.

Paper based:

This wallpaper had a paper base laminated to a solid decorative design. The sheets at times may or may not have a top coating to seal the design inks but true papers are not coated.

Paper-backed Vinyl/Solid Sheet Vinyl:

Here, the base paper has a liquid vinyl coating over it on which the solid design is printed. It is very durable, wipeable, peelable, affordable, and easy to remove because of its thickness. Moisture and grease resistance are available but cannot withstand harsh/hard environments like storage areas.

Solid Vinyl/Vinyl Coated Fabric:

When compared to paper-backed vinyl, a solid sheet of vinyl is applied over a paper or fabric substrate. It has natural feel, texture and provides a good degree of protection. It is a wonderful option for a dining room or sitting room where texture is the key interior design element. Has a great degree of scrub ability, washability, and durability.

Vinyl Coated Paper:

It is considered one of the most affordable options as it is moisture resistant. A layer of acrylic-type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is sprayed on or coated over a paper base. Easy to scrub, durable and washable and is good for high-humidity environments like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens but doesn’t a have refined finish.

Non-Woven Wallpaper:

Is a vinyl-free option, composed of natural and synthetic fibres. This gives the final design a sophisticated appearance. A great choice for people who are sensitive to environmental considerations, easy to apply, remove and wash. It comes off the wall as long strips and doesn’t tear. These wallpapers are expensive in comparison.

Easy-Walls Wallpaper:

Similar to non-woven wallpaper, it is completely PVC and VOC free. The ink that is used is water-based. These come with pre-applied adhesive, so installation and removal are trouble-free. Also, it is easy to clean and breathable.

Prepasted Wallpaper:

These wallcoverings already have pre-pasted adhesives in them. So, no need to buy the adhesive separately. Like the sticker tattoos children use, the glue in it is dry and gets activated by wetting the back of the paper. This is so easy to use, that anyone can redesign one’s interior space without any professional’s help.

Grasscloth Wallpaper:

It is a highly textured wallpaper and is woven. Grass cloth wallpaper is purely made using natural components. So, it makes cleaning a little more difficult. Special care by vacuuming the dirt and spot treating the stains must be done. In other terms, a professional cleaner to clean at regular intervals is a better choice.

Advantages of using Wallpapers

Where to buy the best interior design wallpaper?

We know, selecting the best wallpaper for your interior design is an exciting process but picking up the right one that is affordable, and durable is quite a tedious task!

No worries, find an endless inventory of amazing wallpapers in Hanuman Wood Industries, Bangalore. Different types of interior design wallcovering at any cost and materials made by the best interior designers. Wallpapers of paste the wall, paste the paper or peel and stick is available. Hanuman Wood Industries provides professionals who can help you sort the design you want and that works for you. Why wait? Any queries, comment below.

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