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A wooden railing is used in Staircases, especially in a duplex home will be the most captivating and appealing structure. It has the ability to transform the entire look of the house and the interior. Every part of the railing design and the staircase shape is important.

A staircase is a structure that connects two different or more floors in any building. It can be inside the building or outside. Railings are used on stairs that act as a support when people climb, prevent them from tumbling down, and also used to separate the place.

Using wooden railing designs for your staircase elevates the look to the next level. Let us break down as what makes the railing part of a staircase, why one should use wood, and what railing designs are available.

Why use wood staircase railing?

Many materials can be used for staircase railings like metal, aluminum, glass, brass, reinforced concrete, and galvanized or stainless steel. Still, wood remains the most popular choice, particularly for indoor use. It is because wood is a timeless elegance.

There are so many benefits in using wood for your staircase railings.

Wood Railing Staircase Designs:

Here are some awe-inspiring wooden railing designs that can help you with your design ideas.

Wood Spiral Staircase Designed with Marble:

This wood spiral staircase railing doesn’t even look like a staircase. The design is a compact structure that can fit any space and any style of home design. This looks like a secret pathway.

The entire staircase gives different visuals from each side. The outer side of the railing has a light color wood that is the same as the room’s wall. The wood on the inner side of the railing and the lower part of the staircase is dark.

Both the floor and the staircase are made of white marble and the wood completely blends with it, making it a spectacular one.

Wood Spiral Staircase Designed with Marble:

Wood is a very flexible element that can be combined with any other material and still the wood will maintain its aesthetic. The railing is entirely made of glass and both the sides are completely attached to wood.

The handrail is made of wood, though it looks like steel. It is made very thin so that it fits the thickness of the glass. This sleek wooden glass railing gives a very modern look.

Teak Wood Staircase Railing

Intricate design carvings on the wooden railings give your staircase a traditional and artistic look. The newel cap, newel post, and the baluster in the staircase are intricately carved giving a rich look. As there are no specific designs to be followed, one can bring their imaginative ideas into wood carving and the staircase can be made into a statement piece in the home.

Teak wood staircase railing is mostly preferred wood kind because of its color, richness, and durability.

Traditional Wooden Staircase Railing

The traditional wooden staircase railings come with defined parts as a newel post, cap, and baluster. Here the baluster is thin in its traditional design. The newel post is covered around balusters making a curved handrail edge that gives a smooth landing.

Wood and Steel Staircase Railing

Wood and steel combination is an ever-loving and stylish option. The shiny steel well complements the elegant wood. Here the steel is cut in random geometric shapes and is painted white. The light-colored wood with the design makes a mesmerizing and fashionable staircase railing.

Interior Wood Railing

Interior wood railings can sometimes act as a space divider. The staircase railing covers the entire staircase from ceiling to floor. The narrow wooden bars are placed like balusters at a defined interval. They turn a normal railing into a modern divider. This design also provides safety on the stairs.

LED Light Wooden Railings

Not all railings require balusters to fill the space between the stairs and the handrail or to connect and support them. Even without it, modern railings are done. Here, the wooden handrail is fitted with LED lights that light the staircase as one walks, and, they are fixed only to one side of the wall. Unlike ordinary stair railing, this is an advanced form of design.

There are many more interesting wooden railing designs for staircases that can excite you. The design is not just about the interior, it tells your personality, comfort, and defines the vibe of the place.

Instead of opting for simple railing designs, choose something artistic, and interesting to make your life a bit more dramatic.

Why choose Hanuman Wood Industries, Bangalore?

Hanuman Wood Industry have got a plethora of wood railing designs that can fit any space and place. Customize or choose from our options and make your home an aesthetic place. We have expert designers who can customize the wood carving designs based on your needs. Make your wood railing designs the best-quality wood from Hanuman Wood Industries, Bangalore.

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