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How to choose Waterproof Doors for Bathroom and Balcony?

In general, waterproof doors in moist areas like bathroom and balcony in homes are neglected of designs and decor. It is because of the popular opinion that the doors for moist areas cannot meet the demands of the home interior design, as these doors are constantly exposed to water and heat. But it is not so. By choosing the correct material for bathroom and balcony doors along with little maintenance adds additional beauty to your home.

This blog will give you an insight as to how one should choose the type and material of the door for bathroom and balcony and how to make them an integral part of your house design.

Waterproof Doors in Moisture Areas of a Home

The types of doors that can be used in bathrooms and balconies are limitless. You can enhance the look of your home by curating these doors that can be used in wet areas like the bathroom, pool area, and balcony. The doors in the garden, backyard, deck, courtyard, balcony, and swimming pool area are commonly called patio doors.

Here, the focus is on the material and its durability instead of its style. The following are the different door materials that can withstand moisture.

Different Type of Waterproof Door Styles & Materials used in Moisture Areas

Waterproof door styles & material used in Bathrooms:

Panel Doors are made with wooden panels that can withstand wet conditions.

Flush Doors have a special coating that prevents damages caused due to extreme heat or cold conditions.

Plastic doors are exceptionally durable, waterproof, do not swell easily, and comes in different colours and designs.

Designer uPVC doors are most durable and cost-effective. They can be customized with stained glasses to look more attractive.

Sliding Doors save space. It is commonly used and is attractive. Most sliding doors use either wood or glass. If the area to cover is large, then a two-way sliding door can be made. It usually requires more space.

Pocket Doors is also a type of slide door, but it disappears into the wall. It creates more space and gives a cozy look. It is highly recommended in compact bathrooms with small spaces to open and close doors.

Frosted Glass Doors provide an aesthetic entrance. This frosted glass is commonly featured as shower enclosure panels. They come in various styles and give an airy feel by creating an illusion of a better space. As the glass’s texture is frosted to give a secured view.

Metal or Aluminium door is suggested for commercial bathrooms with high usage. They weigh less, unlike they appear and do not corrode or affected by water and heat easily. They show high resistance to moisture and humidity as weather changes do not affect them. It is economical, easy to maintain, and environment friendly. If needed different panels like slats to allow airflow can be added to make it more functional.

Composite doors made up of various materials like uPVC, glass reinforced plastic, wood, and insulating foam doors best suit wet conditions.

There are many other materials like using premium quality wooden doors that can withstand moisture, glass doors as shower cubicles, folding bathroom doors, bifold doors for a small bathroom made of wood and glass, etc.

Waterproof door style & material used in Balcony:

For balcony doors similar material is used as bathroom door. It is necessary to use waterproof Balcony doors as it is mostly exposed to moisture and heat conditions. Only the styles can vary like sliding, bi-fold, and French (double or single) patio doors. Most important thing for a balcony door is to bring in more ventilation and sunlight into your home. It must allow for a clear view of the outside world and shouldn’t hinder the natural light and air.

How to take care of the Doors in Moisture/Wet Areas?

Unlike other doors, bathroom and balcony doors need extra care and attention. These places are constantly exposed to water and has no sufficient time or condition to dry. So, the following care can be given to increase its lifetime.

How to choose Best Waterproof Doors for Moisture Areas?

No matter the design, it is important to choose quality over price. A plethora of waterproof door materials are available now, so pick up the model that fits your home and bill. It is mandatory to know door specifications because a hasty or fancy choice may waste your money.

Also, the swing of the door as inward or outward is one of the prime concerns because the door must move freely without any interference with the fittings and closets of the bathroom. It is also a part of your home interior design.

Why choose Hanuman Wood Industry, Bangalore?

Even now, you may find it difficult to make your choice. And Hanuman Wood Industries, Bangalore is there for you as we have experienced professionals who give a thorough study of your place, the weather condition, the size of your bathroom/space, and the possibility of damages. Based on it, your budget, and personal preferences we give our suggestions for the best waterproof doors for bathroom and balcony. For your every desire, we have the right options.

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